The anchor of a child’s life is his or her family. In all of creation there exists no other place where a child can experience the bond “that nothing but Omnipotence could break.”

This understanding binds Childkind to its mission – to empower families caring for children with special healthcare and developmental needs, promoting safe, stable, and nurturing homes.

Breathing through every service we provide is a passionate belief that the love between a parent and a child and the love within their family is fundamental to wellbeing. Our vision is not to create the perfect organization or to advance a trademark program model. Our vision reaches beyond bricks and policies. We dream of a world filled with endless possibilities, unconditional love, and acceptance for children and youth with special healthcare and developmental needs. For this to happen, these children must have a healthy family.

Childkind offers a continuum of services. Through its Placement Services program, Childkind offers foster care, permanency planning, and host home placement. During 2014, Childkind will be introducing in-home nursing services.


We serve children with complex care needs or developmental disabilities and their families.

As every child has a unique diagnosis and every family within whom they live have unique circumstances, we are prepared to engage every household in a unique way.

While we use evidence-based programming, provide fully accredited services, and carefully evaluate the quality of our operations, we never lose sight of the fact that each household has its own universe, secrets, and treasures. That is where we deliver our services – in the home of each family.

A Measure of Triumph

We also understand that, in the end, a positive outcome is the triumph of a child and of a family not of an organization. Within the universe of a household, each member participates in Childkind programming. Without their participation, no program can be successful.

We celebrate when a medically complex child in the foster care system can safely go home to his or her loving parents. If that is not possible, we find joy when a child gains a new family with real moms and dads. Likewise, when parents keep custody of their child because they learned to rise above the barriers that had pushed them on a path to failure, we celebrate with them.