Happiness is so important

…even for children with medical and developmental disabilities. With happiness, a child’s health, personality, and self-expression can grow, even in the presence of a medical or developmental disability. A nurturing parent/child bond creates the optimal environment in which a child can blossom, even when he or she is facing lifelong medical or developmental disability.

Our mission is to empower families caring for children with special healthcare and developmental needs, promoting safe, stable and nurturing homes.

Foster a child with love

Thinking about being a foster parent? It can be the most rewarding role you’ll ever love!

We address complex needs

As each child brings his or her own unique family history, diagnoses, and challenges, we strive to serve them in uniquely creative ways.


Childkind is fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation and has a 100% rating by Charity Navigator with a 97.34% expense ratio, among the best in Georgia.

Community partners