Welcome to Childkind

I wish the work of Childkind was not needed. I wish publically and privately funded services formed a seamless safety net that made it possible for medically complex children to live safely and securely in their home with their family. In our world, however, such children are easily seen as too expensive, too time consuming, and require too much personal attention to fit into our busy cost conscious culture. The work of Childkind is very much needed.

Each child with whom we work was created with as much self-evident equality as any other. A disability or complex care regimen should not be a pretext for institionalization or health threatening cost containment policies. Because they are children, because they are vulnerable, they must have an organization that will focus on supporting their parents and families.

Through its mission, Childkind has dedicated itself to the proposition that all children with complex medical needs and developmental disabilities have the right to live to their own fullest potential as part of a safe, stable, and nurturing family.

Karl D. Lehman
President & CEO