Founded in 1988, Childkind first provided comprehensive support programs for families with children exposed to HIV/AIDS, including a transitional home for HIV+ children in state custody, a daycare, and a voluntary short-term out-of-home family placement for mothers undergoing treatment.

In 1992 Childkind made two strategic decisions. To serve children better, we closed our transitional home and began making foster placements with specially recruited and trained families living in the community. Being part of a family instead of living as a resident a group facility is always best practice.

Building upon our experience with HIV+ children, we expanded our services to include all children with complex medical challenges or developmental disabilities. Today, Childkind is one of Georgia’s leading providers of foster, adoptive, and host home placement for children with complex care needs.

Building a partnership with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, in 2008 we created our Home Based Services with the goal of preventing avoidable medical neglect and keeping children out the foster care system. Too many children with complex care needs end up in state custody because their parents could not access needed support services. It is all too easy for parents to become overwhelmed, isolated, and in poverty due to the high level of time and cost associated with a child’s care.

Through our Home Based Services program, Childkind provides critical in-home training and supports for families with children who have complex care needs; specifically children within high level clinical risk group categories (chronic, complex chronic, and malignancies).

A Lesson Like No Other

A priceless lesson comes from over twenty years of service to medically complex children and their families. Only in the context of a loving bond between a parent and child, can the “YOU beneath the clothes and skin” be discovered.

For a child who cannot easily communicate with spoken language, this bond will become the conduit of expression, a unique pathway through which moms and dads learn their child’s gifts and graces, where cognitive abilities can be revealed, and where engagement with the world can be bright and cheerful