We understand the many challenges associated with providing care for children or youth with complex health care needs.  Navigating the service world can itself be incredibly complex. Each parent must deal with multiple doctors, support programs, government program and agencies.  It is all too easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed by the constant time and financial requirement drawing down a parent’s energy and resources with equal speed.

We understand the imperfect healthcare and support system we have.  We work very hard for each family we serve, both by providing high quality nursing services and by making this complex universe easier to navigate.

With Childkind, a parent gets great in-home nursing with added supports for the entire family.

Holistic Pediatric Skilled Nursing Services

  • Pediatric home care services that are tailored to meet individual needs
  • Highly trained, skilled, screened, and credentialed RN’s and LPN’s
  • Holistic approach – comprehensive case management to include referrals, education, training, and support of the families
  • 24/7 services, including all holidays and weekends
  • Regular customer service management to ensure client satisfaction
  • Easy prompt referral services

Give us a call today – contact: Kristal Southern, 404-248-1980 ext 253

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